Medical Marijuana and the Immune System: Immuno-Cannabinoid Effects

Medical Marijuana and the Immune System: Immuno-Cannabinoid Effects

Updated on 4/10/2019, 5:52:29 PM

With the passing of Amendment #2 in Missouri and the legalization of medical marijuana, patients finally feel free to discuss the use of medical marijuana in their treatment plan. If you’re curious to know how this sacred plant can help balance your immune system, read on!

With advanced functional medicine training through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in cannabis medicine, Dr. Z and the other physicians at healthcity are well-equipped to help those suffering with symptoms of immune dysfunction with a treatment plan that includes hemp and cannabis medicine, along with various therapeutic services at Radiance Float + Wellness.

To be able to obtain your Missouri Medical Marijuana card, a state-licensed physician (M.D. or D.O.) must attest that you qualify for it. Included on the list of conditions that qualify for the medical marijuana card in Missouri are: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, and any chronic debilitating disease that may be the result of an infection (Lyme’s disease) or autoimmune condition (RA or MS).  

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A Balanced Immune System

What is the common thread among food and seasonal allergies, cancer, viral infections, and autoimmune conditions? They all result from an imbalance of our immune system. As you can see from this image, the green zone indicates optimal balance.

Missouri is allowing the use of medical marijuana to treat immune system dysfunction. From a functional medicine standpoint, this will surely correct the underlying imbalance -- allowing for improved functioning and quality of life.

You may already understand that cannabinoid receptors are found in the brain and spinal cord. Scientists have now discovered that we also have CB2 receptors which are mainly found in the immune and blood system, and activating these has the potential to positively affect the whole body!  

It is interesting to note how the rates of autoimmune disorders, seasonal allergies, food allergies, cancers, and chronic infections like HIV, Lyme and EBV have skyrocketed over the last 80 years, when these healing plants have been on prohibition. It is exciting to wonder how the future course of cancer and other diseases resulting from dysfunction of the immune system will change with the reintroduction of medical marijuana and CBD and hemp medicine.

I remember learning about a pharmaceutical agent, Marinol, in medical school. This drug was approved for the side-effects of chemotherapy and to improve appetite, nausea and wasting or cachexia seen in cancer and in AIDS patients.  It is interesting that the same people who put Marijuana on the schedule 1 drug list, saying this substance has no medicinal value, would produce a synthetic isolate of THC and produce Marinol, to help those in need.

While the pharmaceutical industry may have been onto something, the full potential and healing properties of the plant are not seen in synthetic isolates.

There are now countless anecdotal reports and studies in other countries of cannabis medicine shrinking tumor cells and stopping the spread of cancer.  These results are seen by using the full spectrum and all parts of the plant. Details of the miracles of this healing plant can be witnessed on the docuseries, The Sacred Plant,

With conditions such as cancer, higher THC strains are needed in sometimes greater ratio than 1:1 THC:CBD. Therefore, to counteract the intoxicating effects, one can choose to consume the plant in its raw form and use various methods of consumption to have healing without the high.  

Since creating Radiance Float + Wellness, my mission was to offer natural health and wellness options to those primarily seeking treatment and preventive care while optimizing mental and physical health.  The use of hemp and cannabis medicine along with the natural healing services at Radiance Float + Wellness, brings rapid relief and well-being to the body, mind and soul!

When seeking your medical marijuana card in order to manage immune dysfunction, including cancer, autoimmune conditions, infections and allergies, make sure to make an appointment with Dr. Z or another healthcity doctor who can help you make appropriate decisions at the dispensary.  

During the appointment, we will review your treatment goals and find some appropriate strains, review ratio and mode of use of cannabis medicine.  You will receive a physician certification attesting that medical marijuana is deemed helpful in your condition under Amendment #2. Upon receiving your card from the State of Missouri DHSS, you will be allowed to purchase 4 ounces of medical marijuana from dispensaries each month, and/or grow 6 plants for personal medicinal use.

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