Medical Cannabis and Psychiatric Conditions

Medical Cannabis and Psychiatric Conditions

Updated on 4/10/2019, 5:48:22 PM

With the passing of Amendment #2 in Missouri and the legalization of medical marijuana, my patients have been inquiring about this form of treatment, many with confusion and desperation.  As a psychiatrist interested in natural and preventative functional psychiatric care, I knew I needed to study up on this plant and understand its ins and outs.

With advanced functional medicine training through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine in Cannabis medicine, I am well-equipped to help those suffering with mental health issues with a treatment plan that includes hemp and cannabis medicine, along with various therapeutic services at Radiance Float + Wellness.

To be able to obtain your Missouri Medical Marijuana card, a state-licensed physician (M.D. or D.O.) must attest that you qualify for it. Among the list of conditions that qualify for the medical marijuana card in Missouri is item F:

F. Any debilitating psychiatric disorders, including, but not limited to, post-traumatic stress disorder, if diagnosed by a state licensed psychiatrist.

Without my training in Cannabis Medicine through the A4M, I would have thought that to be a rather large and vague category, as well as possibly harmful especially after seeing the harmful effects of recreationally-used cannabis on mood, anxiety and symptoms of psychosis.


I am not surprised by my psychiatric colleagues’ shock when I tell them I am recommending medical marijuana for mental health conditions, and I feel the need to re-educate them on the true medicinal use of the plant.  

Dosing Cannabis for Mental Health

It turns out that each phytocannabinoid has unique properties in our body, as our bodies are designed to receive cannabinoids.

The healing properties are maximized by using the parts that are needed for the target condition, while supplying the “whole plant team,” meaning the nutrients work better together than in isolation.

With new research emerging, it is found that the optimal ratio of healing the brain or psychiatric conditions is a ratio of CBD:THC in a 20:1 ratio. Meaning, for every 20 parts CBD, 1 part of THC is needed and tolerated.  THC does supply some beneficial properties such as improvement in mood, insomnia, and produces a “state of bliss,” however, using a recreational dose is NOT the same as using a medicinal dose and rapid side effects and dangers can ensue, including paranoia and tachycardia.

At the same time, cannabis medicine is very safe and there have been no known deaths from cannabis since the beginning of time. I wish I could say the same about all the psychiatric medications available to offer my patients.

Medicinal Benefits of Terpenes

First, what are terpenes? Terpenes are aromatic metabolites found in plant oils (in all plants).

There are more than 20,000 terpenes in existence and the cannabis plant produces at least 100.

Certain terpenes of the cannabis plant can provide additional medicinal benefits such as linalool.  Linalool is more commonly known as the “active ingredient” in the lavender herb or essential oil. Linalool is the chemical compound that has therapeutic properties of decreasing anxiety, improving mood, relaxing nerves and improving sleep.  Linalool is also naturally occurring in certain strains of cannabis plants. It would be that cannabis plant with a favorable 20:1 ratio of CBD:THC phytocannabinoids, and terpenes associated with optimal brain health, like linalool, that would be the ideal form of medicine marijuana in psychiatric conditions.


The Doctor Is In!

Since creating Radiance Float + Wellness, my mission was to offer natural health and wellness options to those primarily seeking mental health relief, as well as those interested in preventive care and optimizing mental and physical health.

The use of hemp and cannabis medicine along with the natural healing services at Radiance Float + Wellness, brings rapid relief and well-being to the body, mind and soul.

When seeking your medical marijuana card in order to manage psychiatric conditions, make sure to make an appointment with Dr. Z or another healthcity doctor who can help you make appropriate decisions at the dispensary.  

During the appointment, we will review your treatment goals and the appropriate strain, ratio and mode of use of cannabis medicine. You will receive a physician certification attesting that medical marijuana is deemed helpful in your condition under Amendment #2. Upon receiving your card from the State of Missouri DHSS, you will be allowed to purchase 4 ounces of medical marijuana from dispensaries each month, and/or grow 6 plants for personal medicinal use.

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