How to Get Your Medical Cannabis Card in Missouri

How to Get Your Medical Cannabis Card in Missouri

Updated on 4/3/2019, 1:56:32 PM

Soon you’ll be able to obtain your medical marijuana card in Missouri! With the passing of Amendment #2 on November 6, 2018, qualifying patients of Missouri are now able to purchase four (4) ounces of medical marijuana for personal use per month, or grow six (6) plants for personal consumption. Talk about a new form of healthcare!

Anyone who is interested in alternative healthcare options -- whether it’s mental health treatments, pain relief, immune boosting, endocrine balance or neurological health -- should learn about the varied health benefits of medical marijuana! Anyone who is using medical marijuana for its benefits needs the protection, freedom and guidance your Missouri medical marijuana card can provide.  

What are the steps to obtain the medical marijuana (MMJ) card?

First, you have to qualify.

Missouri is the 33rd medical-legal state in the nation. We are now able to study and implement the best parts of the medical marijuana movement from each state.


For a conservative state such as Missouri, the qualifying condition list is actually fairly broad, encompassing most known conditions that have benefited from medical cannabis, per reports from other medical legal states.

Will you qualify?

Patients with the above diagnoses currently receiving treatments with poor effects, or interested in other options, will easily qualify! Simply bring a letter with a qualifying diagnosis, proof of your current prescription bottles, disability paperwork or pharmacy records. The healthcity doctor will review your condition with the list of the State approved conditions and can approve you for the medical marijuana card in Missouri.  

Improving the current healthcare system

We have heard a lot of the barriers to care as well. Psychiatric, pain and substance misusing-patients have all expressed frustration about the lack of access to medical care.  

Patients who were in the psychiatric system and left because it had nothing to offer them may be interested in the MMJ card, but now are calling because they are confused about the documentation process.

Know anyone who has felt like this?

  • “I don’t go to a psychiatrist anymore, they only give me Paxil and meds that don't work.”

  • “I don't see a (VA) doctor, because I don't want to take those meds anymore and they just chastise me for smoking weed.”

  • ”I got off of methadone with marijuana and that is the only medicine I need.”

  • Is it true that cannabis medicine will help with cancer?”  

These are some of the anecdotes that are reported to us.

We know that about one out of four people will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder, however, how many of them will seek treatment? If conventional treatments are marginally effective, sure to cause side effects and yield a life of chronic consumption of pills, not many will opt for treatment.

When they opt out of treatment, they may be “self-medicating” or searching for the answer. Since Dr. Z is a Missouri-licensed psychiatrist, she can confirm a psychiatric disorder which will qualify for the Missouri Medical Marijuana card. The healthcity team has a special diagnostic screening assessment tool, the GUIDERIGHT, that can help aid and guide a diagnosis of anxiety, PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, substance abuse and/or eating disorders. The GUIDERIGHT assessment can provide a score, that in consultation with Dr. Z, will help make a diagnosis. This is great for those who haven’t been in care for awhile and are interested in pursuing alternative medicine.  

The GUIDERIGHT assessment takes about 15 min to complete and costs an additional $25.  It is standardized, scored and reviewed according to the latest DSM-V diagnostic criteria.  If this additional piece of documentation is needed to help you qualify for the MMJ card, please arrive 20 minutes early to complete the assessment in our office.

What happens after qualifying?

Once you qualify for the card, it's easy from here on out! You will leave the healthcity doctor’s appointment with a paper copy of your “Physician Certification.” Keep this with you at all times.  This will be the proof you need to carry with your medicine, until you obtain the physical MMJ card from the State.

Starting June 5th, 2019, the DHSS will have the patient card application form available to complete as well as the physician certification form for the doctor.

When the application for the card is available, the qualifying patient needs to apply online through the State for a MMJ patient card, caregiver card or cultivator card. They will also need to pay the fee and wait for the state issued card to arrive in the mail.

Once dispensaries open, qualifying patients can use their MMJ cards to purchase their medicine!

On July 5th, 2019, the State will start accepting the physician certifications for qualifying patients in an online form. The appointments from June will be charted and submitted as soon as validly possible.  The early healthcity patients will be among the first to obtain their MMJ card in the state!