Healthcity & Radiance Float + Wellness

Healthcity & Radiance Float + Wellness

Updated on 3/25/2019, 3:53:54 PM

The top conditions found to be effectively managed with cannabis medicine, including PTSD, chronic pain and cancer are the same conditions that Dr. Thomas has been managing with good success though services at Radiance Float + Wellness. In order to complement the treatment plan involving cannabis medicine, the patients of healthcity are eligible for special discounted membership to be able to make your new form of healthcare affordable, safe and effective.



PTSD is known as an endocannabinoid deficiency state. It’s no wonder that the Receptra CBD oil was flying off the shelves at Radiance Float + Wellness. By ingesting CBD, our receptors are activated and our endocannabinoid system kicks in for increased healing. Float Therapy is also known to be healing to the brain and body because when one removes sensory input, the brain is free from distraction and focused healing, problem-solving, meditation and visualization can occur with renewed creativity and focus. Without distraction or the stress of gravity, healing will intensify. Float Therapy has been shown to improve anxiety states including PTSD. These studies were confirmed by looking at fMRI imaging (pictures of the brain), which showed calmed and relaxed brains after one float!

In addition to your Physician Certification, Healthcity patients get an exclusive membership:

2 floats therapy sessions per month to target PTSD symptoms: $25/month



Pain is the most dreaded symptom, it's hard to describe, it's hard to understand for others, it's hard to manage or get any relief without multiple side effects both physically and psychologically. As a physician, Dr. Thomas took an oath to do no harm. To avoid contributing to the opioid crisis, she has already found natural effective pain management techniques that she’s incorporated into Radiance Float + Wellness for everyday relief. BEMER vascular therapy, cryotherapy, float therapy and the infrared sauna all provide different, yet synergistic, effects to decrease inflammation, remove toxins, absorb nutrients like magnesium and improve circulation, ultimately decreasing pain at the root, not simply putting a cover on and letting the fire of disease brew.

In addition to your Physician Certification, Healthcity patients get access to an exclusive membership:

1 cryotherapy session, 1 float session, and 1 infrared sauna session per month, as well as unlimited BEMER vascular therapy: $25/month



When faced with a cancer diagnosis, the fear is intense. Everyone knows that chemotherapy is toxic, but we are never educated about other options and in fact, most of the time we are scared into not choosing conventional chemotherapy treatments. The use of medical cannabis has been used for cancer, wasting and cachexia for decades. Cancers are often well-treated with the sacred plant and guidance from the healthcity docs can help you in choosing strains, adding certain terpenes and making sure the ratio is right for you on your healing journey. Both CBD and THC are shown to have tumor-destroying properties and can slow the spread of cancer, as well as improve appetite, decrease pain and contribute to a better quality of life. At Radiance Float + Wellness, we have been honored to help people alone and confused on their path of seeking natural treatments. We have found ways to optimize the body and slow the growth of cancer. We encourage a combination of drinking Kangen water, a hydrogen-rich alkalizing water, the BEMER vascular therapy mat to improve microcirculation, and the Infrared Sauna for the most effective detoxification.

In addition to your Physician Certification, Healthcity patients get access to an exclusive membership:

2 Infrared Sauna sessions, unlimited BEMER vascular therapy, and unlimited Kangen water per month: $25/month

IV Nutrient Therapy with high-dose Vitamin C and other nutrient IVs, like glutathione, are powerful tools in the fight against cancer. High-dose Vitamin C (75-100 grams IV) is shown to have intense tumor-fighting activity while not harming our normally developing cells. We can offer special pricing to healthcity patients via the high-dose Vitamin C “IV League Package”. This covers 1 month (12 infusions) of high-dose Vitamin C IV Nutrient therapy for the most rapid healing through nutrients:                                                   $1800/month